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Why join Pucek Electric?

Pucek Electric is actively looking to hire skillful, professional and motivated Apprentice & Journeyman Electricians who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the industry. Pucek Electric is partnered with the IEC, that provides the opportunity for aspiring apprentice electrician's to receive training & education. 

We are a team of skilled, professional electricians who are only getting better everyday! If you are interested in working for Pucek Electric, check out our open positions below!

Independent Electrical Contractor

Positions we are looking for

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman is an employee who develops the skills and qualifications necessary to advance from an apprenticeship to higher-level responsibilities in their trade. They perform work projects across a variety of vocations that require specific licensing. In some instances, journey-level tradespeople may also help train apprentices, especially if they work in a leadership role. While journeymen continue gaining skills, credentials and knowledge to perform major construction and trade jobs, they still work under the supervision of trade masters, executives, directors and production supervisors.


Journeyman Electricians hired at Pucek Electric should maintain the status of their TDLR license and continue their education 4 hours annually.

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